Up Close - Amphitrite hides and awaits

Amphitrite hides and awaits" Considered by many as the mosaicist's best work the piece measures 6' x 5' and was completed in 2007. In many respects it might be seen as the concluding piece of the orthogonal series as it explores the motif to a certain extreme. The pattern appears in the woman's faces and forms. It is in the coral formation, surrounds the dozens of schooling fish and forms the structure of the sea. It is rendered in 10 shades of blue, several of green and light purple with the picture literally weaving in and out of it. 

In Greek mythology Amphitrite is seen by Poseidon dancing near the island of Naxos. He is smitten by her but she has different ideas. She flees to the farthest ends of the seas where she is eventually found by a dolphin of Poseidon who speaks persuasively on behalf of Poseidon. Here she is portrayed hiding is a warm sea grotto with her attendants. One sleeps, implying time, while the other seems to be doing girlish type things implying waiting. Amphitrite is watchful. In Greek portrayals Amphitrite is often shown with the pincers of crabs affixed to her temple. This mosaic clearly defines the pincers in the waters of the sea cove up and to the left. After all, she is not the Goddess of the seas until she weds Poseidon; this implies her future. A wonderfully descriptive piece and a one of a 
kind flat glass masterpiece!