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Still Life

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The same sense of atmosphere is apparent in Roger’s still life works. Cast in a traditional light, recent works involve the use of ginger jars, tea pots and case jars as compositional support for a vast array of fruit and vegetables. The artist often renders of a pair of scissors in his still life pieces. The purpose is to add a touch of mystery and from a composition sense, act a counter balance in form and color. These are delightful pieces, full of color and displaying the artist’s never ending search for light.

Blue Dish, Scissors and Fruit
16” x 20” Oil Painting 2010
A wonderful picture full of color and mystery…wonderful color unity!  

Ginger jar, grapefruit, bowl and case jar
16" x 22" Oil Painting 2010
Beautiful composition with powerful use of purple. 

Fresh Fruit, White Flowers and Ginger Jar
18” x 24” Oil Painting 2010
Brings to mind the colors of Gaugain…..delightful fruit, Jar and Bottle! 

Ginger Jar - Green Apple Still Life
16” x 20” Oil Painting 2010
The green apple! Solid composition which recedes to a dark mauve background. 

Ginger Jar, Yellow Flowers and Fruit
16” x 20” Oil Painting 2010
Wonderful colors…reminiscent of the grand painters of the late 19th century! Museum worthy! 

Goa Fish Curry
16” x 20” Oil Painting 2010
A wonderfully executed picture of this Indian Curry favorite! 

Fruit Bowl and Scissors
16” x 20” Oil Painting 2010
A very pleasant composition which makes the most of complimentary colors. 

Ginger Jar and 3 Poblano Peppers
16” x 22” Oil Painting 2010
Powerful composition with fine color unity. 

Pomegranate, Poblano Peppers and Scissors
18” x 24” Oil Painting  2010 (to be signed at buyer’s request)
A bright, well painted rendering of fruit and bowls.

Chillie Crab Dinner
16” x 20” Oil Painting 2010
A beautiful, loosely painted picture of a scrumptious serving of chillie card. The case bottle is wonderfully rendered! 

10 Oysters
12” x 16” Oil Painting 2010
An appealing one for the Oyster lover….a plate of fresh Blue Points! 

Indian Dish - Lamb and Apricots
16” x 20” Oil Painting 2010
A wonderful rendering of this Indian favorite…mystery and atmosphere!