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Roger’s landscapes are produced in a “wet on wet” manner and employ many elements found in the works of the great masters of the past. His colors diminish in intensity has they approach the horizon; his lines diffuse toward the horizon, colors are selected with harmony and unity in mind and his subject matter is selected to insure opportunity to cast a sense atmosphere with just the right amount of acuity. Many of his paintings are completed “plain air” and depict scenes in and around Darien, Connecticut. A complete line of sport paintings…trout fishing…grouse hunting… relate a love for the out of doors and good sport.

The artist uses only professional, permanent oil and mediums. The paintings are on stretched canvas and, with suitable drying, have been finished with varnish. They are suitable for framing and, with few exceptions, are offered unframed.

Maine Coast at Low Tide
22” x 30” Oil Painting 2010
This painting was completed in the summer of 2010 and features a full spectrum of color created by mixing cadmium yellow as a unifying color. Fine seaside feel! 

Evening Walk - Pheasant Country
18” x 24” Oil Painting 2010
A fine, scenic landscape of open fields and an early evening sky.  One expects a brace of game birds to appear any moment. 

Tally-Ho!…Over the Wall!
22” x 30”  Oil Painting 2009
A wonderfully rendered painting of horse and riders in the midst of a hunt. Grouse are kicked up as the springing dogs lead the way and an ancient walled city is seen in the distant mist. Loosely painted, this piece awaits a frame and a spot on the den wall!  

Hill Walk View
18” x 24” Oil Painting 2010
This painting has grand atmosphere and lays out a downward path towards an open plan. A restful painting with fine color unity. 

Oldman River - Alberta, Canada
18” x 24” Oil Painting 2010
The Oldman River is a premiere trout stream of Canada. Captured here in all its glory, the Oldman meanders through the foothills of Alberta and is seen in wonderful color. A fine “den” painting. 

Portland Head Lighthouse
22” x 30” Oil Painting 2010
This is one of a series of paintings of the iconic Maine structure painted in the Summer of 2010. Captured at sunset, the full force and wonder of nature is seen as a challenge to man’s hold on this juttying piece of land.