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Roger draws upon his extensive experience as an oil painter to create challenging and worthy images in mosaic. Artists both past and present have been slow to employ mosaic as a direct medium because of the need to develop a skill set as well as commitment of time once an image is decided upon. A painting of 4' by 3' might take hours or days to complete whereas the same sized mosaic could be months in the making. One appreciates a mosaic when one appreciates Adamento, the resulting textures and interstices achieved by properly placed tile. 

A favorite mosaic of Roger is the privately owned "Water nymph with Crab" shown below. Note how the eye moves through the image particularly in passages where the form expands and narrows.

"Water Nymph with Crab" measures 28" X 48 and includes several found objects and was tiled in 2001. A bronze crab has the attention of the resting nymph and several jade like pieces in the mosaic add texture. The background shimmers with several shades of green tile which and the subtle ocean current is rendered in the movement of hair and kelp plants. Warm is added by the picks and salmon colors of the sand. The piece has some fine sections of andamento, the selection and coursing of tile.

"Irises" (after K. Hokusai - Color woodcut 1832) measures 24" x 38" and was created in 2001. This masterful mosaic image has appeared on a number of brochures and is appreciated for its finely worked background grid (Opus Tessellatum).

"Floral Arrangement" measures 48" x 30" and was completed in 2001. It is based on a 1925 design by Angiolo D'Andrea. This beautiful display of flowers features the silhouette of a playful kitten at the base of the vase.

"Mondrianesque (West Coast)" measures 27" x 28" and was completed in 2002. The piece clearly employs the elements of Mondrian and was created to judge how, and if, these elements might be enhanced by the presence of individual "communities of tile" as seen in the neutral sections. (The mosaicist is satisfied with the results).

"Purple and Black" was tiled in 2000. It was inspired by the artist's appreciation of Rothko. 

A fine “found object” piece tiled in 2001 “Mechanical Motion” measures 36” x 24” and remains in the collection of the artist

Fashioned after the work of Arthur Dove, "Mowing" is a fine “found object” piece with lots of character. It measures 36” x 24” and remains in the collection of the artist.

"Mediterranean" measures 40" x 24" and was created in 2001. It is a wonderfully decorative piece inspired by an afternoon walk along the beach of Nice. While color selection of tiles plays an important roll in establishing the sense of water's edge, the main artist objective was to usethe vertical aspect of the tiles, and spacing with subsequent grouting, to create a "net" with many small communities of tile throughout the piece. This is the real attraction of mosaic... a texture that builds atmosphere.

"Blue and Black" measures 24" x 28" and was completed in 2004. This is a fine decorative piece with lateral tiling that contributes to the sense of depth. It is a forceful use of color to underscore the strengths of Mr. Brown's style of andamento.

Rendering of Modigliani's "Female Nude" 1916. It measures 37" x 24" and was completed in 2007. This piece demonstrates a process developed by finish the piece with both grout and epoxy resin. The viewer will see the the mostly vertically tiled background and border have been finished with grout whereas the model's body and hair have not been grouted. 

The entire piece has been secured with epoxy resin. The effect of this approach has been to "lift" the model forward in the viewer's perception. Two reasons...the grout flattens the treated areas as grout unifies the hues and reduces lateral light entering the tile and, lateral light freely enters the untreated areas creating a "lift" through greater luminance. Properly done, the effect is stunning and not easily achieved in medium arts.

"Youthful Passions" measures 24" x 48" and was created in 2006. The design is reminiscent of a detail in Gustav Klimpt's work "Medizin" dated 1900-07.

"Ruth, Naomi and Orpah" is based on a the theme from the “Book of Ruth” this biblical rending, completed in 2000, is an installed sanctuary piece at the UMC, Jacumba, California.

"Black and White study" in reminiscent of work by Franz Kline and Motherwell and measures 24" x 60". It was completed in 2001 and remains one of the strongest black and white mosaics completed by the artist.