It’s a pleasure to welcome you. This site displays a blend of Roger Brown’s two favorite art forms. You’ll find that many of the pieces are for sale and a number are in private collections. You are cordially invited to forward questions on any of the work or methods outlined within the site. The artist welcomes the opportunity to discuss commission work with interested parties.

Artist’s Statement

A lifetime of study and practice goes into each of the presented works. Due to the nature of mosaic it is seen in the first instance as a craft for trained artisans. To this end I’ve completed two courses of study in Ravenna, Italy under the direction of Luciana Notturni of Scula Arte del Mosaico. When commencing my work in mosaic in 1998, I had as a guiding thought, why have virtually none of the West’s known artists of the past 150 years ventured into this art form? They’ve wheeled paint brushes but left aside the tools (hardies, nippers and hammers) of mosaic. True, several designed for mosaic (foremost being Chagall) but none pursued it from the artisan level.

I concluded that the rather extensive skill set required to produce a reasonable piece, along with the relatively long amount of time required to achieve an image, was enough to keep the Gauguins, Mondrians, Motherwells, Rothkos and Doves firmly attached to their paint pots! I’ve obliged the art world by studying the elements of the aforementioned (and others) and have attempted to relate them in mosaic. A number of these pieces are found in this site and share an aesthetic of depth through the sense of mosaic texture. In fact, a Mondrian effect in mosaic somehow adds to the general concepts he developed as an oil painter.

I’ve painted in oil for decades but owe a great deal of my current composition insight to the instruction of artist and educator, David Dunlop. As a member of the Silvermine Guild Arts Center, New Canaan, Connecticut, I’ve completed two courses of study and several workshops under his guidance. As a result my paintings are becoming known for their unity of color, form and movement, hallmarks of the “Dunlop” approach.

I’ve had 10 solo exhibitions over the past decade and am pleased to relate that my work is enjoyed throughout the world with major pieces being in New York, Boston, San Diego, Hong Kong and France. When planning an exhibition my practice is to view the venue and formulate a show that fits! This can take months of preparation but has always resulted in an interesting, crowd pleasing show.

Enjoy the site and please check back occasionally for new pieces! I welcome your comments.


            Roger Brown